60 years of experience in coffee roasting

Guaranteed and selected quality

Angelo Enrico Cerutti, after an experience of over 25 years in catering, (see history 90 years) opens his first Bar Tea-Room in Chiasso at the end of the 1960s, with the aim of spreading the culture of truth. Italian espresso coffee throughout Switzerland until 1990.

Angelo Enrico's son, Massimo, created his sole proprietorship "Massimo Cerutti" in 1985 , transforming it into a limited company in 1995 and building an excellent network of customers in Switzerland, Italy and abroad, who still serve and promote with great success (the brand) CERUTTI “il Caffè”.

The company offers its customers balanced and aromatic coffee blends, obtained thanks to a slow and gradual roasting with the traditional method, which enhances the aroma of real espresso coffee and other coffee preparations.

The quality of the coffee blends is constantly checked, both in the production unit and in the various bars owned by Cerutti, where expert bartenders serve the “Massimo del Caffè” daily, interacting directly with the customers in the stores.