From 23 to 26 October 2022

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Themes: Food in all its variety, technology and productivity , services , sustainability ,take away and delivery , environment and atmosphere, good coffee and tea, liquid evolution.

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Since 2006, Basel Tattoo has had annual performances inside Basel's Kaserne (old barracks) (now also known as Basel Tattoo Arena) and hosts two parades in July. The Basel Tattoo parade, with an estimated 125,000 visitors, is considered the largest event.

Basel Tattoo is an annual military tattoo show performed by international military bands, exhibition teams, folk musicians and tattoo formations in Basel, Switzerland.

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JazzAscona is an annual 10-day jazz music festival that has been taking place in Ascona, Switzerland since 1985 between June and July. It is the queen event of the renowned tourist destination of Ascona and involves both the wide and suggestive lakeside promenade and the characteristic alleys and squares of the village.

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The Ladies Open Lausanne, formerly known as the WTA Swiss Open (1977-85) and European Open (1986-94), is a women's tennis tournament played in Lausanne, but has previously been played in several locations in Switzerland. Since 1994 the tournament was no longer played until 2016, when the WTA announced the return of the tournament to the 2016 WTA Tour calendar.

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The 2022 Glaibasler Charivari program offers the full spectrum of carnival diversity. It will make you laugh and make you think. Biting lines, punchy Rahmestüggli and a group of actors eager to act will provide the best entertainment and bring the spirit of Charivari back to the Volkshaus. Little virtuosos, dogs playing drums and leaning Guggenmusikanten will make the heart of every Fasnacht beat faster.

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Leading suppliers meet local and international audiences of experts at BERNEXPO, located in the heart of Switzerland.